Pre-LinkNow leverages validated copy-testing framework to help marketers better under­stand ad perfor­mance

Denver, CO, and New York – (March 1, 2016) – GutCheck, a leader in online agile market research solutions, and Millward Brown, the world’s leading expert in helping clients grow great brands, today announced the launch of Pre-LinkNow, a new solution developed to optimize ad creative by helping marketers under­stand the why behind ad perfor­mance. Pre-LinkNow is an agile, flexible quali­tative solution that enhances confi­dence in creative decisions by incor­po­rating consumer feedback throughout the creative process.

With the goal of helping insights and brand teams to become more responsive throughout the creative development process, Pre-LinkNow enables marketers to produce strong ads while building confi­dence around their success. The pairing of the validated Millward Brown Link™ framework with GutCheck’s efficient and flexible metho­dology enables clients to insert the consumer voice in every step of creative development, from story­board or sketch to final cut—without compro­mising time or quality. Pre-LinkNow also provides a common language and framework across both quanti­tative and quali­tative research.

“While the creative development timeline continues to shrink, ROI expec­ta­tions continue to rise,” said Matt Warta, CEO, GutCheck. “With Pre-LinkNow, marketers can test creative and messages at any stage and effici­ently incor­porate consumer feedback throughout the process.”

“We are pleased to team with GutCheck on this unique solution for marketers,” said Heath Green­field, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Corporate Development, Millward Brown. “Pre-LinkNow is a great addition to Millward Brown’s creative development suite and quick-turn offers, and helps marketers quickly and cost-effec­tively complement quanti­tative learnings with the voice of their consumers.”

Pre-LinkNow is available today, and over time will be available across 26 countries.


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